Pax East

Some of the lab members were at Pax East this weekend in Boston to check out new games, network, and learn more about eSports. PAX is one of the largest consumer game conventions.

Running usability studies in health technology

Risha and Aashka (far left) are running usability studies with a new examination suite for physical therapists. This is part of a NJIT-Rutgers collaboration that involves using sensors and kinematic data for a stroke rehabilitation system, led by Dr. Judith Deutsch (middle).

Dr. Wohn gives talk at Clemson

Dr. Wohn gave an invited talk at Clemson University about her research on content moderation in the live streaming context. Here she is describing what Twitch is to the audience.

Jie presents live streaming research at HICSS

Ph.D. student Jie Cai went to HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences) to participate in the doctoral consortium and present his paper with Dr. Wohn on live streaming shopping.

Read his paper on live streaming shopping here:

Cai, J., & Wohn, D. Y. (2019). Live streaming commerce: Uses and gratifications approach to understanding consumers’ motivations. In Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), pp. 2548- 2557 [pdf]


Wrapping up 2018

We ended 2018 strong with some comfort food and research presentations of the PhD students m. Happy holidays, everyone!