Talk at Cornell

Dr. Wohn was invited to Cornell University, where she gave a talk about her research on paralinguisitic digital affordances and social support. She also met with PhD students to discuss academic publishing and preparing for the academic job market.


Dr. Wohn and Dr. Sue Fussell, who hosted the talk


Attending Grace Hopper

22185722689_1470bfb969_zDr. Wohn and research assistant Mary Schneider had a great time at the 2015 Grace Hopper conference for women in computing. This was the first time for both of them, and they were a part of a larger group of students and faculty who were supported by the BRAID initiative– an initiative led by the Anita Borg Institute and Harvey Mudd College, and funded by Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, CRA and NSF, to increase diversity in computing.

Grace Hopper was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, be empowered, and learn from great female tech leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg and Megan Smith. The conference also has a huge career fair, making it a must-go event for students, both graduate and undergraduate!


Here’s NJIT’s news story on the event.

New project: Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a huge industry that is continuing to grow. We have a new project, thanks to an award from Yahoo, that looks at motivations and gaming behaviors of fantasy sports players. While Yahoo has a new daily fantasy sports service, our research will not be focusing on any specific service, but rather about understanding the psychological factors that influence players and their use of technology to do research before they make their bets. (Prior research shows that fantasy sports players spend a considerable amount of time doing research!)

Prof. Wohn was one of the recipients of the Yahoo Faculty Research Engagement Program award.  Read more about that here.

Here is an interesting infographic with some fantasy sports stats, by


New Women’s Computing group at NJIT


After a very long process, the undergraduate Women in Computing Society was finally officially approved. This group aims to connect and support female students and the NJIT community, who are interested in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, and their implementation in fields like business, finance, accounting and other majors and their impacts in the professional world. Dr. Wohn serves as faculty advisor for administrative and social support, but the group is initiated and run by the students. Great job, girls!

Students involve in research


In the Social X Lab, students are a driving force in conceptualizing and executing research. Our undergraduate researchers are currently designing an interview study of low-income adults. Our graduate students are working on a number of different projects related to games, health apps, and mobile micro news consumption.