Live streaming Shopping Paper accepted at TVX

Jie, Ankit, and Dhanush had their paper on live streaming shopping accepted at the ACM conference on Television and Interactive Video (TVX). Congratulations! Live streaming shopping is a very new phenomenon and the research provides insights into why people like it. Jie will be going to Korea in June to present the paper.

Priya in NJIT news


Priya Rajbabu is featured in NJIT news for being a 2018 NJ Governor Stem Scholar:

Some excerpts:

What does being a Governor’s STEM Scholar mean to youI am really proud to be a Governor’s STEM Scholar. Being accepted into the program provides students like me an opportunity to not only work on a research project respective to our field of study, but to also teach and share our knowledge with the high school students in the program. It is also really inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent at the research conferences.

What are you involved in as a Governor’s STEM Scholar? I lead a team of five other members in a research project I proposed. We are utilizing a dataset from a survey on drug consumption conducted by the State of New York. The goal is to focus on the youth population and identify correlations in the dataset to help us understand trends or patterns in their drug consumption habits.

How do you think this experience is benefiting you professionally? Being a Governor’s STEM Scholar is a recognition that allows me to stand out in a group of people. Recruiters are often intrigued by the program and ask me more about it, which provides me an opportunity to talk about the research project I work on with my group. In addition, I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in computer science, so this experience will help me stand out during the application process.

Scientista Symposium Acceptance

Lab members Anchita, Temi, and Mashael had their posters accepted at the Scientista Symposium and will be presenting their research there next month.

Anchita will be presenting “Food and mood journaling: Effect on an individual and impact of social sharing of data

Mashael and Anchita will be co-presenting “Do Uber drivers feel safe?: A qualitative study to address the safety needs of Uber drivers through technology.”

Temi will be presenting “NJIT Buddy (A virtual social support app for college students). “