Here are a list of our on-going projects and some representative publications related to those projects. For a full list of publications, please refer to the publications page.

Content Moderation in Social Media

Supported by the National Science Foundation and Mozilla Foundation, our work focuses on the work of volunteer moderators in live streaming communities and understanding how safe spaces develop online.

Digital Patronage

Digital patronage, a term coined by Dr. Wohn, refers to how fans/supporters support content creators both financially and emotionally through new social media platforms.

We are also conducting a study to better understand how BTS ARMY, one of the biggest international fandoms, uses social media to engage with other members of ARMY and BTS themselves. 

Virtual worlds / Metaverse, games, live streaming, and eSports

Social virtual reality, live streaming and esports are relatively new cultural trends that are recreational activities that require high technology specifications. Current projects are aimed at understanding more about people’s behaviors in these environments with the aim of developing better systems

Self Presentation on Social Media

This research examines how people engage in self presentation on different social media and how they manage their online identities

News Consumption in the Age of Social Media

Crystallization is a network model of information flow and reality formation. This model incorporates network theory into the traditional agenda-setting theory and proposes that members of one’s social networks become “neo agenda setters.” We are also doing empirical work on how people consume news through mobile social media and how it influences their political engagement.

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