D. Yvette Wohn, Assistant Professor in Information Systems (

yvettewohnDr. Wohn‘s research area is in human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-mediated communication. Much of her research focuses on motivations, social capital, and non-conscious habits through the lens of “soft sustainability.” Understanding the social and psychological elements of sustainable technology use is especially important in the context of education and health.

Graduate Students

Jie Cai

jie-cai.jpgI am a PhD student in Information System. I have a master degree in marketing research and one-year working experience in e-commerce. My research interests are related to social media, e-commerce,and online shopping. Currently, I am working on a project about livestreaming.


Anchita komalchan Likhar

anchita-e1499391239634.jpgAnchita is a second year Master’s student majoring in Information Systems with a concentration in User Experience Research. She pursued her Bachelor’s in Information Technology from the University of Nagpur, India. She has worked for 2 years for an IT firm as a Software Engineer. As a part of the Masters program, she has worked on designing a Recommendation system for school students helping them to choose courses that align with their passion. Currently, she is working with a research team, to study the future of telehealth applications for women’s health. Her research interest lies in understanding how technology and mobile platforms (mobile applications) can be used to provide a customized solution to stay fit and healthy.

Chaitanya Shah

screenshot_20170929-121743.pngCurrently in my first year, pursuing masters in Information systems. I have done my undergrads in Electronics. My first brush with business and start up’s was during my final year of my undergrads, I started a Foodtruck called “Yumm hai Hum” back in Mumbai. Successfully ran the truck for a year. Post undergrads I worked in an edu-tech start up.In order to widen my gamut of knowledge working closely with the research team, to study the future of livestreaming and its impact on viewers.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Basma Abukwaik

basmaBasma is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Biology and minoring in Science, Technology, and Society. She has worked on the Virtual Sisters Focus Group Project and the Color Mood Project. She hopes that her research work will help connect and benefit the women on campus as well as helping people have a better understanding of their moods. Basma hopes to expand her research to focus on peoples’ psychological well being. She is a member of the NJIT XC/TF  team and is a volunteer EMT for West Essex First Aid Squad.

Victor Chue

victorVictor is a fourth year undergraduate student in Human-Computer Interaction at NJIT. He has worked with both User Experience Design and User Interface throughout his time at the college. He hopes that his research in the lab will be beneficial to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. His main interests include playing piano in his spare time and listening to video game soundtracks.

Juan Rios
Juan_OptimizedProHeadshotJuan is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Human-computer Interaction and minoring in Computer Science at NJIT. He is a fan of applying human-centered design principles to improve mobile experiences. He hopes that his research in the lab will help explain and transform how humans interact with everyday technology. His main interests include playing video games and listening to instrumental music while he creates cool things that help people. His website is



Jeremy Birnholtz, Northwestern University Social Media Lab

Brian J. Bowe, Western Washington University

Caleb T. Carr, Illinois State University

Eun-kyoung Choe, University of Maryland

Nicole Ellison, University of Michigan

Guo Freeman, University of Cincinnati

Rebecca Hayes, Illinois State University

Cliff Lampe, University of Michigan

Bongshin Lee, Microsoft Research

Yu-Hao Lee, University of Florida

SJ Min, Pace University

Wei Peng, Michigan State University

Katie Quehl, Yahoo

Rabindra (Robby) Ratan, Michigan State University


Lab Alumni

Indraneel Kulkarni (2017), Atisha Poojari (2016), Leiping Gong (2016), Calvin Allemand (2016), Emma Washington-Freeman (2016), Han Wang (2015), Rohit Kadam (2015).

Past Students

Turki Alelyani, Nidhish Dave, Erick Sanchez, Yu Cao, Mary Schneider, Rempee Kalia, Cassio Maciel Leal, Roseli Andrion, Felipe Schiquetti, Mousa Ahmadi, Sona Patel, Kira Hoffman, Temilade Afolabi, Priya Rajbabu


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