D. Yvette Wohn, Associate Professor in Information Systems ( or


Dr. Wohn‘s research area is in human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-mediated communication. She studies the characteristics and consequences of social interactions in online environments such as livestreaming, esports, gaming, and social media. Her main projects examine 1) content moderation, online harassment and the creation/maintenance of online safe spaces, 2) social exchange in digital economies & digital patronage (creator-supporter dynamics), and 3) news consumption via social media.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Rae Jereza

Dr. Jereza (they/them) is a sociocultural anthropologist with a research focus on labor in the digital economy and far-right metapolitics. They are particularly interested in how content moderators’ labor conditions affect the proliferation of far-right activities online. Currently, they are working on a project that compares the experiences of voluntary and commercial moderators to discern the organizational and technological factors that condition moderators’ working conditions. They are also working on a project that investigates how moderators apply hate speech policies with an eye towards the role of social positionalities (i.e. race, gender, class, ability) in moderators’ decision-making processes and affective experiences.

Graduate Students


Jie Cai

I am a Ph.D. student in Information System.
I have a masters degree in marketing research and one-year working experience in e-commerce. My research interests are related to social media, e-commerce,and online shopping. Currently, I am working on a project about livestreaming shopping.

Azadeh Naderi

Passport Photo 2 x 2 inch (50.8 x 50.8 mm), United States

Azadeh is a first-year Ph.D. student and research assistant at NJIT’s Social Interaction Lab. She received her MBA degree in 2013 and her BS in Electronics Engineering degree in 2010. Before joining NJIT, Azadeh worked as a project manager and user experience researcher at a large insurance company for four years. She has also worked as an adjunct faculty for over two years. Her research falls in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) interdisciplinary domain. Specifically, she wants to study how people interact with each other on social media, and how such interactions may influence their psychological well-being. Currently she is involved in a project that is focused on content moderation in social media.

Lucy Feng

I am studying Interaction Technology at the University of Twente. I am interested in UX research. I am prone to understand how technology influences people’s behaviors and people’s problems and needs with technologies. With the knowledge of human-centered design, I would like to bridge human and technology together.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Loni Alnor

I am a freshman year undergraduate Human-Computer Interaction major at NJIT. This would be my first time participating in lab research. I look forward to gaining new skills as well as learning more about how people interact with the technology around them. 

Ross Bonifacio

Ross is a sophomore year undergraduate Human-Computer Interaction major at NJIT. He is researching digital patronage platforms such as Patreon. He is interested in how technology empowers independent creators and how it can be improved to enable them to continue doing the work they are passionate about.

Reesha Ghandhi

Reesha Gandhi is currently a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Human-Computer Interaction with a dual degree in Business Information Systems. This is her first year working in the lab. Currently, she is researching the relationship between Twitch users and the mental health community. She is eager to learn more about doing research in the HCI field in a professional setting. She hopes to gain new skills and experiences in this lab to one day better the lives of those around her. 

Meciel Guisihan

Meciel Guisihan is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in Business and Information Systems and minoring in Data Analytics. This will be her second semester partaking in the Social Interaction Lab, with her project from last semester involving the creation of a survey to look at the perspectives of social media users on Cancel Culture. Meciel enjoys trying new activities or tasks, especially traveling to new places and eating new foods. She looks forward to expanding her skills in new projects this semester and learning from her peers along the way.

Yashwee Kothari

Yashwee is a 3rd-year Computer Science Student in the Albert Dorman Honors College. She is working on the ReLeaf team which focuses on traumatic brain injuries. Yashwee is passionate about the health-tech industry and bringing ReLeaf to the market in the near future. She is excited to have won 1st place at NBMC this past December and looking forward to the NJIT Lean Start-up Accelerator in the Summer of 2021!

Nina LaMastra

Nina is an undergraduate Business and Information Systems major with a Human-Computer Interaction minor at NJIT. This is her fourth semester working with the lab, and she is continuing research on mental health discussions as they occur on Twitch. Mental health is an especially important topic to her, and as an active member of NJIT’s LGBTQ+ club Spectrum, helping create safe spaces in online communities is one of her passions. Through research, she also hopes to develop her professional and analytical skills.

Anthony Lechner

Anthony is a senior year undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Cyberpsychology. Growing up in a world full of technology has inspired him to learn more about the social and psychological impacts of existing and developing technologies. He is excited to take the knowledge he learns during his time spent researching at the Social X Lab and use it to help understand the roles new technology plays in society. 

Livia Loi

Livia is a first-year undergraduate student at NJIT majoring in Web and Information Systems. This is her first semester conducting research at the Social Interaction Lab. She is eager to further explore the relationship between humans and technology. Her research interests include user experience design and behavioral data analysis to find potential solutions to human-centered problems. She is looking forward to developing new skills while collaborating with others.

Aashka Patel

Aashka Patel is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology with minors in Data Analytics and Business. This is her sixth-semester conducting research in the Social Interaction Lab.In her previous semesters, she worked on a content moderation project, conducted usability testing for a stroke rehabilitation application, investigated users’ perceptions of content moderation responsibility, and explored social media users’ viewpoints of cancel culture. She is looking forward to continuing to develop her skills in the lab while collaborating with her peers and professionals. 

Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan is currently a junior undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science at NJIT.  He hopes to understand more about the breadth of this field, and develop theses for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Outside of studies, he enjoys spending time in nature hiking, hunting, running and adventuring.

Vidhi Manish Thakker

I am an undergraduate student double majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology with a minor in Psychology. I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between humans and technology. So, I’m glad to be a part of this lab to help me gain exposure in terms of research and help me fuel my curiosity. During my free time, I indulge in crafts, designing, creating videos, doing fun projects and running a small business with my best friend!

Jira Uttarapong

Jira is an undergraduate Computer Science student at NJIT, with passions for A.I and video game development. Her love for video games is her main drive for everything she does. Outside of school and work, she streams on Twitch and competitively plays video games, and is very involved with the esports communities for these games. Having this background, she is also the cofounder, former President, and current Production Manager of NJIT Esports. She is very interested in the relationships between the communities that form on the internet (specifically within gaming) and the platforms and technologies that foster them. This is her 3rd year in the lab and she is currently researching mental health on Twitch.

Karen Wu

Karen Wu is a sophomore at NJIT, studying Business and Information Systems with a potential minor in IT or HCI. She has always been interested in studying the bridge between computers and businesses – how businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on advanced computing technology. She holds a strong appreciation for the advancements of technology, and she is passionate about how computers continue to influence the sphere of visual arts. She loves digital design and is interested in how this field manifests itself in video games. She enjoys playing a variety of games such as Warframe and Valorant. She also loves to design her own art to express her perspectives on the world and her life – her medium of choice is charcoal. Karen works in this lab to study social dynamics in video games that include micropayments.

High School Students

Hannah Cui

Hannah is a high school sophomore at Leonia High School. This is her first year at the Social Interaction Lab. She has always been interested in how technologies alter the relationship among humans. She is looking forward to divulging deeper into her interests as well as gaining insightful research skills along with others.

Lab Alumni (participated two or more semesters & graduated)

Alan Cortes (2021 summer), Jordan Van Zyl (2021 spring), Masaho Shimobayashi (2020 spring), Anmol Jaswal (2020 spring), John Scott Siri (2020 spring), Peter Eskander (2020 spring), Peter Jough (2019 fall), Ankit Mittal (2019 spring), Juan Rios (2018 fall), Temilade Afolabi, Basma Abukwaik (2018 spring), Victor Chue, Anchita Komalchan Likhar, Indraneel Kulkarni (2017), Atisha Poojari (2016), Leiping Gong (2016), Calvin Allemand (2016), Emma Washington-Freeman (2016), Han Wang (2015), Rohit Kadam (2015).

Past Students 

Turki Alelyani, Nidhish Dave, Erick Sanchez, Yu Cao, Mary Schneider, Rempee Kalia, Cassio Maciel Leal, Roseli Andrion, Felipe Schiquetti, Mousa Ahmadi, Sona Patel, Kira Hoffman, Adam Spryzinski, Dhanush Sureshbabu, Yanira Morales, Lindsay Armour, James Bonilla, Kimberly Prince, Priya Rajbabu, Jack Campbell, Royer Zamudio, Angelica Braxton, Pradnya Desai, Tejas Patel, Christopher Simeone, Naitam Ghandi, Soojin Ahn, Mervyn Mathew, Jessy Martinez, Alyssa Maravilla, Jordan van Zyl, Sarah Ryu, Fizah Fahad, Michael Wedderburn, Nick Nower

Faculty/ Industry Collaborators

Louise Barkhuus, IT University of Copenhagen
Jeremy Birnholtz, Northwestern University Social Media Lab
Brian J. Bowe, Western Washington University
Caleb T. Carr, Illinois State University
Meeyoung Cha, KAIST
Eun-kyoung Choe, University of Maryland
Judith Deutsch, Rutgers University
Nicole Ellison, University of Michigan
Gerry Fluet, Rutgers University
Guo Freeman, Clemson University
Rebecca Hayes, Illinois State University
Libby Hemphill, University of Michigan
Hye-jin Kum-Biocca, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Cliff Lampe, University of Michigan
Bongshin Lee, Microsoft Research
Yu-Hao Lee, University of Florida
SJ Min, Pace University
Wei Peng, Michigan State University
Katie Quehl, Yahoo
Rabindra (Robby) Ratan, Michigan State University
Tina Yuan, National Taiwan Normal University

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Summer 2016: NJIT students and students from Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program
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