Welcoming new members

We had lunch at Newark’s Dinosaur BBQ to welcome new members of the lab and say goodbye to those who graduated last semester. Please check out our PEOPLE page to see all of our new research assistants!



Dr. Wohn receives Mozilla research grant

On the heels of a presentation at the All Things Moderation conference, where Dr. Wohn talked about ongoing work related to the emotional tolls of human moderators who moderate small streams on Twitch, the Mozilla foundation announced that they will be funding research on understanding how female and LGBT livestreamers deal with harassment. This is such an important topic to research- it may seem absurd, but streamers get so much hate just for being a woman, or just for being LGBT- there are ways technology can help identify and get rid of toxic people, but it is very much a work in progress and an issue that technology alone will not be able to solve.


NJIT Research Showcase

The Social Interaction Lab members participated in the 2017 NJIT Research Centers and Laboratories Showcase that took place at the Campus Center on Nov. 16. We had so many projects to share, including research on telehealth applications for women, using social media to track food and mood, livestreaming e-commerce, and chatbot interactions.


Anchita, Basma, Victor, and Juan (above)


Jie, Victor, Juan, and Anchita (above)

Presenting work on mobile telehealth perceptions at 10th Annual International Undergraduate Research Symposium

Basma Abukwaik, who received a Provost fellowship for summer research, participated in the NJIT 10th Annual International Undergraduate Research Symposium today. In collaboration with masters student Anchita komalchan Likhar, they talked about the survey they conducted with women in Newark about their perceptions about mobile telehealth (using a smart device to receive remote healthcare). The students put in a lot of legwork- attending public events, going to the park, local grocery, etc. to ask people to fill out paper surveys. The research was also featured on NJIT’s news page!

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