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Are you interested in studying the effects of social technologies? Do you want to build new social applications? There are many opportunities to work with us!

  • Are you thinking of doing a PhD? Applicants who are interested in understanding how people interact with social systems (e.g., social media, mobile phones, online games) through empirical research and developing social systems are encouraged to apply. To submit your application, email professor Yvette Wohn at Submit your CV and statement of your research interest. Applicants with interest in health and education technologies will be given special consideration. Apply by March 31 for full consideration.
  • If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and want to learn how to do research or collaborate, send us a letter of interest (why you want to be in our lab) and CV.
  • If you are a researcher and would like to collaborate on a research project, please email us your affiliation and proposed project details.
  • If you are a company and would like to work with us for usability or user experience studies, please leave your company name, a brief description of the proposed project, and your contact information
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