The lab goes to CSCW

Some members of the lab attended the prestigious 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), which took place in Jersey City, NJ this year. We had two posters at the conference, both led by undergraduate students from the Informatics Department of the Ying Wu College of Computing. The corresponding papers are provided in the links below:

The first research study was about how people choose filters on Snapchat led by Juan Rios (HCI major):

Rios, J. S., Ketterer, D. J., & Wohn, D. Y. (2018). How Users Choose a Face Lens on Snapchat. In Proceedings of CSCW Companion, 321-324

The second research study was about people watching screens within the social virtual reality platform Altspace led by John Scott Siri (HCI major/ Honors College). This study involved students from NJIT, Villanova University, and Mount Holyoke College who wanted to learn how to do research over the summer:

Scott, J. S., Khalid, H., Nguyen, L., & Wohn, D. Y. (2018). Screen-viewing Practices in Social Virtual Reality. In Proceedings of CSCW Companion, 173-176

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