Research presented at CHIPLAY

The lab was well represented at CHIPLAY, an ACM conference for research on human computer interaction in the context of play and/or games.

Presentations included a full paper about digital patronage- understanding why people subscribe to Twitch streamers (here’s a blog post about the paper written by Pradnya Desai and Dr. Wohn), a full paper about understanding in-game purchasing patterns in Fortnite, and a poster about charity streaming.

PhD student Jie Cai

Mittal, A., & Wohn, D. Y. (2019). Charity Streaming: Why Charity Organizations Use Live Streams for Fundraising. in Proceedings of ACM CHIPLAY Extended abstracts, 551-556. [pdf]

Wohn, D. Y., Jough, P., Eskander, P., Siri, J. S., Shimobayashi, M., & Desai, P. (2019). Understanding Digital Patronage: Why Do People Subscribe to Streamers on Twitch? Paper in Proceedings of ACM CHIPLAY, 99-110. [pdf]

Cai, J., Wohn, D. Y., Freeman, G. (2019). Who Purchases and Why? Explaining Motivations for In-game Purchasing in the Online Survival Game Fortnite. In Proceedings of ACM CHIPLAY, 391-396.

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